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BELGIUM 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Pierre Dumoulin
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Eurovision-Fr.net is starting this Friday, March 1st, 2019, a series of interviews as part of the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place from May 14 to 18, 2019 at the International Exhibition Center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our first step is with our Belgian neighbors, one day after disclosing their contribution for Tel Aviv, namely "Wake Up" Eliot.
Note that, for the first time in 10 years, the RTBF, the Belgian public channel in charge of Eurovision this year (alternating every other year with VRT for Flanders) will send on site its duo of appointed commentators Maureen Louys and Jean-Louis Lahaye.

Our interview for Belgium concerns the songwriter of "Wake Up" this year, who also wrote and composed "City Lights" for Blanche 2 years ago, namely Pierre Dumoulin.
This is our 2nd meeting with the lead singer of the pop-rock band Roscoe, 2 years after the round table conducted with Blanche at the headquarters of PIAS Belgium, in Brussels.

Pour lire son entrevue en français : cliquez ici...

Biography of Pierre Dumoulin

Songwriter from Liège, Pierre Dumoulin is best known as the leader of Belgian pop-rock band Roscoe, with which he won twice the Octave Award for Album of the year, in 2012 and 2015. He currently composes the third Roscoe's album, announced for 2019.

After being seduced by the voice of Ellie Delvaux, alias Blanche, talent of the 2015 edition of The Voice Belgique, Pierre Dumoulin begins a fruitful collaboration with the young Brussels singer. For the latter, he composed the song "City Lights", which she then sang at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and for which she won a brilliant fourth place.
"City Lights" will be ranked in the charts of seventeen countries, will subsequently exceed 40 million views, and was awarded as Hit of the Year at both D6Bels Awards (RTBF), but also at De Mia's (VRT), the two main music awards ceremonies in Belgium.

Pierre Dumoulin has also written songs for Noémie Wolfs (ex-singer of Hooverphonic) who will be releasing her new solo album in 2019, Emma Bale, Tessa Dixson or for Bulgarian singer Kristian Kostov (2nd of Eurovision 2017 with "Beautiful Mess").

Exclusive Interview with Pierre Dumoulin

Eurovision-Fr.net: Hello Pierre. How do you approach your 2nd participation in Eurovision as a songwriter? How was Eliot's contribution to Eurovision 2019 made?

Pierre Dumoulin:
I've been watching "The Voice Belgique" for several years and I'm very attentive to new voices. I discovered Eliot on the occasion of his blind on "The Voice Belgique" in 2018. I immediately felt that he was a vector of emotion. Eliot has the "thing and more", it really releases something, both artistically and in terms of its presence. At his age, it is very surprising.

I contacted him in May to find out how he envisioned his artistic future. The flow went very well and I saw in him a great motivation to continue in the music. I composed him a first song that he sang in my studio and I was convinced.

Later, I wrote the title "Wake Up", which was not intended for a particular performer. Once the composition finished I thought of Eliot to interpret it, and it worked perfectly.

Eurovision-Fr.net: From our RTBF colleagues, you said searching in an artist, as you say, a "thing and more", that is to say, "a sensitivity and a necessary crack to transmit emotion'. Can you tell us about this quest for artistic fragility?

Pierre Dumoulin:
In fact, it's something very instinctive. I can say in a few seconds if an artist to this thing that touches me. I have criteria that seem to me very different from other professionals.

I remember that during the audition of Blanche, the coaches of The Voice were very hesitant to "buzz" her. Me, in front of my TV, from the first notes, I knew she had this thing I'm looking for.
I do not have that feeling often, but when it happens, I go for it with some certainty.

Eurovision-Fr.net: What message did you wish to convey via Eliot's contribution next May?

Pierre Dumoulin:
At the stage of composition, there were not really any words yet. It was "yoghurt" lenguage but in which still emerged a kind of "call", which sketched the theme of the song. Then, in dialogue with Eliot, the message became clearer.

"Wake Up" is a call to new generations. The world has fallen asleep, but he must wake up. Young people have to move things together. This awakening must be collective but it needs a momentum, a trigger. A bit like a crowd in which someone starts to applaud and everyone follows ... Let's start with a song, and then ... let everyone go!

Eurovision-Fr.net: The motto of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be "Dare To Dream". As an artist, what is your most cherished wish today?

Pierre Dumoulin:
My dearest wish is to continue to be able to work with artists who make me vibrate. I feel more and more comfortable in this position as a songwriter (rather than being the only singer-leader of my own band Roscoe ). My dream is simple, that my work arouses the interest of artists for a long time.

Many thanks to Vincent Bayer for his most precious help in the conduct of this interview, as well as to Pierre Dumoulin for his availability.

Belgium will be allocated in the 2nd half of the 1st semifinal of Eurovision 2019 on Tuesday 14 May 2019, in which France, represented by Bilal Hassani with "Roi", will vote and will perform.
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