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ROMANIA 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Olivier Kaye
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This Sunday night, in Bucharest, will take place the Grand Final of the Romanian national selections for Eurovision 2019, Selecţia Naţională 2019.

Among the 12 Finalists, a Belgian artist, qualified thanks to the jury, who is building a musical career and a lovestory with Romania.

We are very proud to interview today Olivier Kaye.

Pour lire son entretien en Français : cliquez ici...

Biography of Olivier Kaye

At 22 years old, Olivier Kaye rose to the finals of the Belgian version of The Voice in 2016, in the team coached by Quentin Mosimann, where he became known to the public as well as Pierre Lizée (semi-finalist coached by Cats On Trees) or Blanche (4th of Eurovision 2017 with "City Lights").
Following this talent show, Olivier had the opportunity to work with various artists such as Puggy, Quentin Mosimann, Ovi (double representative of Romania in duet with Paula Seling in 2010 and in 2014), or Alexander Rybak (winner of Eurovision 2009 with "Fairytale"), and play in the musical "Hercules" in the role of God Zeus.

Note that the first prize of Olivier Kaye (from the jury and the public) during the Romanian Festival Cerbul De Aur 2018 took place 50 years after the first Belgian victory at Cerbul De Aur, during its first edition in 1968 with Jacques Hustin (Representative of Belgium at Eurovision 1974 with " Fleur de Liberté "and Finalist of the Belgian selections in 1978).

Exclusive Interview with Olivier Kaye

Eurovision-Fr.net : What was your motivation about taking part at Selecţia Naţională 2019 and, thus, at Eurovision 2019 ?

Olivier Kaye :
My motivation comes first and foremost from Romania. After the "Cerbul de Aur", I received many requests from the public to represent the country. I thought, "Why not? ".

Then, it is to thank this same public for the trust they give me and then to continue the musical and human adventure with them.

EFR : What is the message behind your entry « Right Now » ?

OK :
Many people lack self-confidence, it's a bit of a "therapy" to share, a positive message and a motivational message to all those who have to dare, it's time to go for it!

EFR: This is the 2nd time that you take part in a musical contest in Romania after Cerbul De Aur. In what way has Romania become in a way your 2nd home? And what memories do you have of this festival?

The first time I touched the Romanian soil, I did not know anything. It was my first "big" scene of international stature (it must be said that there is still 3 years ago, I sang alone in my room).

I immediately felt that the Romanians had accepted me with open arms after my interpretation of Holograf's "Nu-Mi iei Niciodata Dragostea". After, everything was done naturally, I think.

I keep memories in my head, the memory of two trophies (Public Prize and 1st Prize of the Jury). I even keep a memory engraved in the skin with the symbol of the Cerbul de Aur tattooed on my wrist.

EFR: Following your participation in The Voice Belgique in 2016, you had the opportunity to work with Ovi, who represented Romania in Eurovision in 2010 and 2014. What advice did he give you in the way of approaching Selecţia Naţională / Eurovision?

Ovi gives me a lot of advice. He has the experience, he knows this stress and everything that happens around a national selection and a contest such as Eurovision. He's always there to say, "Now! Right Now! ". This is not our war cry and our vision of this adventure.

There is also Shani (from Los Angeles), who wrote the song with Ovi and Rasmus Bosse from Denmark, who is here to complete these tips and help me and my team to give the best of ourselves.

EFR: What similarities and differences do you see between the way of working and the Belgian and Romanian record industries, compared to your experiences at The Voice Belgium and Cerbul De Aur?

I can not really answer the record industry in Belgium because I have not had the opportunity to work on it yet.
Concerning The Voice and the Cerbul de Aur, they are two totally different and unique experiences. I have wonderful memories.

EFR: The slogan of Eurovision 2019 will be "Dare To Dream". As an artist, what is your biggest dream to date?

It's singing, sharing, being sure of the scene and being able to look people in front of me in the eye and share strong emotions.
EFR: Finally, according to you, what part of your personality is typically Belgian and Romanian?

The very warm side. I am always welcomed with care here in Romania. In Belgium, we also have the quality of pampering the people we welcome.

Many thanks to Olivier Vanhoutte for his precious help in conducting this interview, and to Olivier Kaye for his availability.

Connect with Olivier Kaye on his official website and on his social networks Facebook and Instagram.

His Finalist entry for Selecţia Naţională 2019, "Right Now", is available on streaming and legal download at : https://fanlink.to/OlivierKaye

Selecţia Naţională 2019 Grand Final will take place in Bucharest at Sports Palace Victoria this Sunday, February 17th 2019.

Romania will perform during the 1st half of the 2nd semi-final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday, May 16th 2019.
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