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AUSTRALIA 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Mark Vincent
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This Wednesday, for our 3rd Australian interview, it's time to get some strong voice with our new guest.

Il Volo's participation in 2015 made him wanting to participate to the Eurovision Song Contest for Australia.
So let's hear Mark Vincent!

Pour lire son entretien en Français : cliquez ici...

Biography of Mark Vincent

Born on September 4th 1993 in Caringbah, New South Wales, this tenor has won the 3rd season of Australia’s Got Talent in 2009. IInfluenced by his grandfather and Anthony Warlow’s career, Mark Vincent has since released 8 studio albums and a best-of.
"This is Not the End", his contribution for Australia Decides 2019, is written and composed by Mark Vincent, Roberto De Sa and Isabella Kearney-Nurse.

Exclusive Interview with Mark Vincent

Eurovision-Fr.net : Hello Mark! What was your motivation about taking part at Eurovision : Australia Decides 2019, 10 years after winning Australia’s Got Talent?

Mark Vincent :
My motivation was watching Il Volo in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, when they performed "Grande Amore" it was so moving and I knew from that moment that I have the ability to represent Australia in Eurovision.

EFR : According to you, what is the greatest thing about dealing with classical crossover music, as you do?

MV :
The great thing about my genre of music is that I am able to sing songs of all genres and add my classical crossover twist to make them my own.

EFR : What are your influences, in classical and pop music?

MV :
In my opinion music speaks all languages it doesn't matter what genre you listen to, it is still music. Artists such as Andrea Boccelli inspire me every day.

EFR : If you were yourself an opera, what would it be?

MV :
The Opera that I would love to play a role in one day would be "La Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini. It's such an incredible Opera, when I listen to the music it always gives me goosebumps.

EFR : How would you describe the sound and the message behind your contribution for the Australian selections?

MV :
Personally I am honored to be a part of "Eurovision - Australia Decides" and to think that I have the chance to represent my country is mind blowing.

To be able to express my song with my rich tenor sound will show Australia and hopefully the world that I belong on the international stage.

The song I have written is called "This is Not the End", in other words there is always a light that will find your path - this message is for all.

EFR : The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest motto will be “Dare To Dream”. Today, as an artist, what is your biggest dream?

MV :
For me my biggest dream is for the world to hear my voice, and to see myself represent Australia with a European background (Italian) is something special.

Our website would like to thank Lou Winter, Marius Els and Danielle Riccio for their precious help in conducting this interview and to Mark Vincent for his availability.

You can connect with Mark Vincent on his official website and his official social networks : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Eurovision : Australia Decides 2019 will occur this Saturday February 9th at 10:30 CET, broadcast on SBS Australia and hosted by Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey (Australian commentators for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2017) LIVE from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the 1st ever Eurovision Asia Song Contest will take place on Saturday, December 7th 2019

Australia will be allocated at the 2nd half of the 1st semi-final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday, May 14th at the Expo Tel Aviv, Israel, where France, which will be represented by Bilal Hassani with "Roi", will vote and perform.
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