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FRANCE 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Gabriella
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Our website promised you a rich day of intense interviews. Our 2nd French rendez-vous, this Tuesday afternoon, brings you to Québec, Canada, where one of Destination Eurovision 2019 semi-finalists this Saturday night, is from.

Very (inter)active on social networks, she has a title that will not leave anyone indifferent : here comes Gabriella.

Cliquez ici pour lire son entrevue en français !

Biography of Gabriella :

Under her complete name Gabriella Laberge, this young French-Canadian artist is 25 years old. At 6, she starts playing the violin, but also can play the piano and the guitar.

In 2015, Gabriella shines in the Francophone music scene, first of all with her 15-track album "The Story Of Oak & Leafless" which includes a duet with Olivier Dion.
The same year Gabriella takes part at The Voice in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in France. Her cover of "The Scientist" by Coldplay convinces the four judges, she decides to be coached by Mika who brings her to the quarters-finals.

An upcoming new album is planned, whose tracks include "Tu Es Flou" and “On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)“, her contribution for Destination Eurovision 2019.

Exclusive Interview with Gabriella :

Eurovision-Fr.net : Hi Gabriella. Could you introduce yourself to our readers in a few words.

Gabriella :
I am a singer and a violonist. I have an unconditional love for music.
I started playing the violin at the age of 6, and this instrument never left me again.
I discovered a little later my passion for singing, and that's when I started to compose my songs.
My favorite moments of life are on the stage. I am also passionate about yoga and nature.

EFR : What was your motivation about taking part at Destination Eurovision 2019 ?

Gabriella :
Destination Eurovison is one of the few TV shows that feature original songs by well-known and lesser-known artists.
As an author, a songwriter and a singer, it is a great privilege for me to be part of this prestigious competition and to sing my original composition before the release of my album.

EFR : What are your main sources of inspiration in music ?

Gabriella :
Angèle, Christine & The Queens, Vianney, Robert Charlebois, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Queen, and many others !

EFR : Which part of your personnality is typically from Québec, and the French one, according to you ?

Gabriella :
I am a Quebecer when it's time to eat a good poutine, to manage in the forest, to withstand the intense cold and to be proud of its roots.
I am French when it comes time to cook, give my opinion, and take the time to go on vacation!

EFR : How would you describe the musical identity and the message of « On Cherche Encore » ?

Gabriella :
« On cherche encore » is an eccentric modern pop song. I co-wrote it with my best friends.
We wanted to bring the subject of modern overconsumption (whether material, relational, and even virtual with social networks) in a humorous way, with a self-derision assumed.
I did not want to take myself seriously. I wanted violins to be put in the foreground. I recently discovered the complete Beatles discography, and I was inspired by the song "A day in a life" for the rise of violin strings during the bridge.

EFR : The motto of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be « Dare To Dream ». As an artist, what is your biggest dream, nowadays ?

Gabriella :
Go around the world with my music, continue to be inspired and make the music that I like, and perform concerts all over the world feeling 110% fulfilled.

Many thanks to Tania Lapointe-Dupont from La Tribu in Québec and to Nina Veyrier from Polydor France for their precious help in conducting this interview, and to Gabriella for her availability.

Connect with Gabriella on her official website, her YouTube channel and her official social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gabriella will be allocated in the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 this Saturday, January 19th LIVE on France 2 at 9 PM CET.

For information, the contestants in the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 are : (by alphabetical order)

01. Doutson - "Sois Un Bon Fils" (songwriters : Mamadou Niakate, Jean-Pascal Anziani, Ryad Bouchami, Caz B)
02. Emmanuel Moire - "La Promesse" (songwriter : Emmanuel Moire)
03. Gabriella - "On Cherche Encore (Never Get Enough)" (music : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte, Zender Howard Scott / lyrics : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte)
04. Noémie - "Ma Petite Famille" (music : Cehashi / lyrics : Noémie, Youssoupha)
05. Philipelise - "Madame La Paix" (music : Elise Philip, Guillaume Soulan / lyrics : Elise Philip)
06. Seemone - "Tous Les Deux" (songwriters : Fabrice Mantegna, Alexandre, Mazarguilt, Léa Simoncini)
07. The Divaz - "La Voix d'Aretha" (songwriters : Yacine Azeggagh, Marielle Hervé)
08. Tracy De Sà - "Por Aquí" (music : Tiery-F / lyrics : Tracy De Sà)
09. Ugo - "Ce Qui Me Blesse" (music : Ugo Benterfa / lyrics : Ugo Benterfa, Vicken Sayrin)

As a member of the Big Five, (with Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), and like the host country, Israel, France will be reprsented by the winner of Destination Eurovision 2019 and will sing during the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, May 18th 2019, and performing in the voting semi-final (Tuesday 14th or Thursday 16th) (drawn during the allocation ceremony on late January) where an extract of his performance during the corresponding Jury's Reharsal (Monday or Wednesday evening) will be broadcast.
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