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FRANCE 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Tracy De Sá
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Our website initiates the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision this Saturday night with the 1st interview prior to this heat, the 2nd one highlightening an artist from Lyon, after Finalist Silvàn Areg.

She describes herself as a devoted artist and a worldwide citizen : here is Tracy De Sá "por aqui" for you!

Cliquez ici pour son entrevue en langue française !

Biography of Tracy De Sá :

25 years-old Tracy De Sá was born in Goa, India, and has lived her childhood in several Mediterranean cities (Lisbon, Malaga, Montpellier) beofre living in Lyon.
Firstly touched by Flamenco, Reggaeton & R&B, she is now part of the Hip Hop culture thanks to dance and then songwrting.
As a feminist artist, Tracy releases a new single every March 8th (during Woman's International Day).
She has released so far 3 records : “Alpha Female” (2014), “Bring Back Hip Hop” (2017) and “Why You Look So Good” (2018).
In April 2019, she will edit her 4th opus, "Commotion" in when is extracted "Por Aqui", her contribution for Destination Eurovision 2019.

Exclusive Interview with Tracy De Sà :

Eurovision-Fr.net : Hi Tracy. Could you describe yourself, for our readers, in a few words.

Tracy De Sà :
I am a mosaic of cultures, a mixture of traditions, sounds, energies. I immersed myself in all the countries in which I lived, India, Portugal, Spain, France to develop my art with great openness.
I do not wish to be locked in boxes, I am a chameleon who is guided, I change, I adapt and I learn constantly.

EFR : What was your motivation to take part at Destination Eurovision 2019 ?

The desire to be able to show the world who I am, the desire to break codes, to launch debates, to touch on sensitive subjects in order to make the general public aware of the place of women but also people with a migrant background in our present society.

It is for me also to have representativeness, the selection of candidates must reflect the French society.
And if I was approached by Destination Eurovision it's because I'm a citizen of the world and my song is a symbol of solidarity and tolerance.

EFR : Your first musical references come from 90s Hip Hop lyrics (Notorious B.I.G., Salt’N’Pepa, Lauren Hill/Fugees,…). How this music style has inspired you as an artist and as a person ?

Hip Hop is not just a musical style, it's a culture, and I always say it's a lifestyle.
The musical side first because Hip Hop was influenced by everything that was happening around, the use of samples, the influence of other kinds of music, freedom in creation.

When we listen to Hip Hop we breathe freedom, we let ourselves be carried by sounds that can come from anywhere in the world, by messages and claims deep and reflective flows filled with passion.
And the personal side, because the Hip Hop advocates solidarity, mutual aid, while putting your finger on realities.

EFR : How would you describe the musical identity and the message of your song « Por Aqui » ?

"Por Aqui" is a song I wrote for my album "Commotion" which is due out in April.
This title reflects not only my migratory journey but also my career in Hip Hop. As a former dancer I always try to develop the musicality of the songs in order to be able to transmit through the voice and the music but also through the body.

In this song I mixed English, Spanish and French making the title very accessible and affordable. When I say "Por Aqui" I imagine myself making a gesture with my hand, as if I were trying to gather people.
It's a very danceable, colorful sound that talks about relaxing and having fun, because that's when you break down the cultural and linguistic barriers that you leave behind. our prejudices and let ourselves be carried away.

EFR : Which part of your personality is typically from India, when you were born, and the one from France ?

I can not divide myself, I can not say exactly when I feel Indian and when I feel French, these identities coexist in me everyday.
And I learned to accept them and to give each of them a place in my life.
There are things to learn in each culture and it is important to go pick what you need, it can be for example the rigor of one and the relaxation of the other.

EFR : The motto of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be « Dare To Dream » . As an artist, what is your biggest dream nowadays ?

My dream is to make people dream, to give hope and to say that anything is possible.
To show you that you can start from scratch and build with work and passion.
Explain that our future does not necessarily depend on our origins, our social and economic status.

Many thanks to Romain Berthault from Du Bruit au Balcon agency for his precious help in holding this interview, and to Tracy De Sà for her availability.

Connect with Tracy De Sà on her official website, her YouTube channel and her official social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tracy De Sà will be allocated in the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 this Saturday, January 19th LIVE on France 2 at 9 PM CET.

For information, the contestants in the 2nd semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 are : (by alphabetical order)

01. Doutson - "Sois Un Bon Fils" (songwriters : Mamadou Niakate, Jean-Pascal Anziani, Ryad Bouchami, Caz B)
02. Emmanuel Moire - "La Promesse" (songwriter : Emmanuel Moire)
03. Gabriella - "On Cherche Encore (Never Get Enough)" (music : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte, Zender Howard Scott / lyrics : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte)
04. Noémie - "Ma Petite Famille" (music : Cehashi / lyrics : Noémie, Youssoupha)
05. Philipelise - "Madame La Paix" (music : Elise Philip, Guillaume Soulan / lyrics : Elise Philip)
06. Seemone - "Tous Les Deux" (songwriters : Fabrice Mantegna, Alexandre, Mazarguilt, Léa Simoncini)
07. The Divaz - "La Voix d'Aretha" (songwriters : Yacine Azeggagh, Marielle Hervé)
08. Tracy De Sà - "Por Aquí" (music : Tiery-F / lyrics : Tracy De Sà)
09. Ugo - "Ce Qui Me Blesse" (music : Ugo Benterfa / lyrics : Ugo Benterfa, Vicken Sayrin)

As a member of the Big Five, (with Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), and like the host country, Israel, France will be reprsented by the winner of Destination Eurovision 2019 and will sing during the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, May 18th 2019, and performing in the voting semi-final (Tuesday 14th or Thursday 16th) (drawn during the allocation ceremony on late January) where an extract of his performance during the corresponding Jury's Reharsal (Monday or Wednesday evening) will be broadcast.
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