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FRANCE 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Bilal Hassani
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Whereas the 1st semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 will occur this Saturday night, it's one of the sensations of this competition who is focused this Thursday afternoon in our French interviews.

The Lyrics Vidéo, released a week ago, of this song for the French selections at Eurovision 2019 has just reached 2 millions views on YouTube.

Is sitting on our king's throne Bilal Hassani.

Cette entrevue est disponible en français.

Biography of Bilal Hassani :

Bilal Hassani was born on September 9th 1999 in Paris, and lives with his family in the suburbs of the French capital city. He discovered his passion for singing at 5 years old. Under the pieces of advice of Nemo Schiffman, runner-up of the 1st season of The Voice Kids France, he applies for the TV show in 2015.

At the Blind Auditions, he sings "Rise Like a Phoenix" by Conchita Wurst. He joins the team coached by Patrick Fiori, French representative at Eurovision 1993 with "Mama Corsica", and coach of Angélina, French representative at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and winner of The Voice Kids France in 2017. He has been eliminated at the battles, lost against future program's winner Lenni-Kim from Quebec.

After The Voice Kids, on November 2015, he creates his YouTube channel and regularly posts 5/6 videos per month (essentially covers and vlogs) ans is about to reach 700 000 followers.

It's thanks to another TV Talent show, the French version of "All Together Now" which will be broadcast on M6, that Bilal meets Madame Monsieur, the French representatives at Eurovision 2018, while being part of the jury, called "the wall", which captain is Garou, the TV host of Destination Eurovision.
The French duo helps him release an upcoming disc in Low Wood Records and, thus, songwriting him "Roi" (King), his contribution for Destination Eurovision 2019.

Interview of Bilal Hassani :

Eurovision-Fr.net : Hi Bilal, what was your motivation about taking part at Destination Eurovision 2019 ?

Bilal Hassani : We wrote « Roi » with Madame Monsieur and our producer directly purposed me to send this song for Destination Eurovision, I said Yes immediately as I'm a huge Eurovision fan and I wanted to try my luck !

EFR : You had a mainstream breakthrough while covering « Rise Like A Phoenix » by Conchita Wurst at The Voice Kids. How this song and this singer touched you, as an artist and as person ?

BILAL : When I saw the Live performance of « Rise Like a Phoenix » on TV, I fond very iconic Conchita and her song, that deeply touched me and I wanted to sing her title at The Voice Kids.

EFR : How would you describe the musical identity of « Roi » ?

BILAL : The song "Roi" is very pop, it's a mid tempo ballad with actual sonorities but also R’n’B influences. This track is close to me, faithful to my musical tastes since my childhood.

EFR : The motto of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be « Dare To Dream ». As an artist, what is your biggest dream, nowadays ?

BILAL : For the moment, my biggest dream would be to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest this year so that I could wave the flag and the colours of my country in the biggest music show in the world. It's my dream since I was a kid to be part of it.

Many thanks to Alexia Jaubert for helping us making this interview, and to Bilal Hassani for his availability.

Connect with Bilal Hassani on his official YouTube channel and on his own social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bilal Hassani will be allocated in the 1st semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 this Saturday, January 12th LIVE on France 2 at 9 PM CET.

For information, the contestants in the 1st semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2019 are : (by alphabetical order)

01. Aysat - "Comme Une Grande" (music : Aysat, Mohamed Zayana / lyrics : Aysat)
02. Battista Acquaviva - "Passiò" (music : Florent Bidouyend, Théodore Eristoff / lyrics : Battista Acquaviva)
03. Bilal Hassani - "Roi" (music : Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur, Medeline / lyrics : Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur)
04. Chimène Badi - "Là-Haut" (music : Yseult, Yacine Azeggagh, Corson, Boban Apostalov / lyrics : Yseult, Yacine Azeggagh, Corson)
05. Florina - "In The Shadow" (music : Manon Romiti, Silvio Lisbonne, Pierre-Laurent Faure, Adrien Levron / lyrics : Manon Romiti)
06. Lautner - "J'ai Pas Le Temps" (music : John Mamann, Johnny Goldstein, Koby Hass / lyrics : John Mamann, Sophie Tapie)
07. Mazy - "Oulala" (songwriter : Julie Mazy)
08. Naestro - "Le Brasier" (music : Mark Hekic, Alexandra Maquet, Thierry Leteurtre / lyrics : Mark Hekic, Alexandra Maquet)
09. Sylvàn Areg - "Le Petit Nicolas" (songwriters : Caz B, Mamadou Niakate, Erick Ness)

As a member of the Big Five, (with Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), and like the host country, Israel, France will be reprsented by the winner of Destination Eurovision 2019 and will sing during the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, May 18th 2019, and performing in the voting semi-final (Tuesday 14th or Thursday 16th) (drawn during the allocation ceremony on late January) where an extract of his performance during the corresponding Jury's Reharsal (Monday or Wednesday evening) will be broadcast.
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