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LATVIA 2018 : Five minutes with Laura Rizzotto
Publié le 15 Février 18 à 19h28  Par Mathias
She's Brazilian, but also Latvian. Since one of her countries is not participating in Eurovision, she's trying for the other! Here is Laura Rizzotto!

How would you define yourself in one word?

How would you describe your state of mind when you're on stage?
For me, stage is home! It’s where I feel like the most empowered version of myself.

How would you quickly tell your life story?
I am a Latvian/Brazilian girl currently based in New York, who found the purpose of her life in music.

How does one make you angry?
By being judgmental.

How does one make you happy?
By being genuine, honest and fun!

How would you define your taste in music?
Curious. I am always looking for something fresh.

If there was just 1 artist you could listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Beyoncé. She is very eclectic and always makes me feel empowered and excited about life.

How would you describe Funny girl, your song for the contest?
Funny girl is a soulful ballad that tells the story of an unrequited love between a girl and her best friend.

How did you make the decision of entering the Supernova this year?
I had made plans to visit Riga in July 2018, to visit my cousins who live there, attend the Song and Dance Festival that happens every 5 years and also for Latvia’s centennial celebration. While doing research for this trip, I bumped into a news story about Supernova and decided to give it a shot, with one of my original songs. Now, here we are!

How would you make us want to come to Latvia?
Raising public awareness of how wonderful Latvia is. There are a million reasons to add Latvia to your travel bucket list.

How do you picture Eurovision in 10 years?
Even bigger, better and bolder than it already is.

How are you going to win Eurovision 2018?
If I am chosen to represent Latvia in Lisbon, I will definitely bring my A-game to the Eurovision stage. The winner is for the public to decide. My goal is to connect with viewers in a meaningful way, heart-to-heart.

Laura, thank you very much for this interview! Will Latvia be bringing a little bit of Brazil to Portugal this year? Funny girl will first have to get through the semi-finals!

For any requests/questions, you can email mathias.eurovision.fr.net@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @altruismless!
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