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ITALY 2017 : Exclusive Interview with Francesco Gabbani in Amsterdam
Publié le 12 Avril 17 à 08h23  Par DRS2G
Our website purposes you today an exclusive interview with Italy’s representative at the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Francesco Gabbani, who won this year’s San Remo Festival with his title "Occidentali’s Karma" which will be sung on the stage of Kiev’s International Exhibition Center on Saturday, May 13th during the Grand Final.

The interview with Francesco Gabbani we will publish today was made on Saturday, April 8th in the afternoon at the Vondel CS in Amsterdam, parallel with the event Eurovision In Concert 2017.

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Biography of Francesco Gabbani

Born on September 1982 in Toscana, he made his first steps in the music industry at 18 as part of the group Trikobalto, where he released 2 albums, performed as a support act for Stereophonics and made concerts in France.

In 2010, Francesco Gabbani launches his solo career. In 2016, he won the San Remo Festival in the category Giovani (Breakthrough) with the song "Amen" before winning it back the year after in 2017 this time in the main category Campioni with "Occidentali's Karma".

"Occidentali's Karma" is openly a reference to the best-seller book "The Naked Ape" written by ethnologist Desmond Morris (who congratulated Francesco Gabbani for his work on « Occidentali’s Karma »), published in 1967 and describing the human species through an ethnologist point of view, which means with the same view as humans get on other animals, and thus participating into sociobiology rising.
The main thesis of the book is that the skin is the organ which distinguishes the most humans from other primates.

Francesco has released 2 solo albums : "Greitist Iz" in 2013 and "Eternamente ora" in 2016.
His 3rd album, "Magellano", which will contain "Occidentali's Karma", will be released in stores and in digital on April, 28th.

Interview with Francesco Gabbani in Amsterdam

Eurovision-Fr.net : What was your motivation about taking part at the San Remo Festival and at the Eurovision Song Contest ?

Francesco Gabbani :
I decided to take part at the San Remo Festival because it’s the most important music event here in Italy, it’s the biggest media window to make you known by the mainstream audience if you are a musician or a songwriter.

Concerning the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s an opportunity given to the San Remo winner and an occasion to reach a larger audience, beyond Italian borders.

EFR : What is your personal opinion concerning the international positive reactions about Occidentali’s Karma ?

FG :
I’m deeply surprised by the international success met by Occidentali’s Karma. Behind the lightness of this song, with this gag/sketch aspect, there are deep lyrics. Of course, I am aware that a large majority of the international audience doesn’t speak Italian, and doesn’t understand what I’m singing. Thus, I suppose that the success comes from the fact that this title is addictive/attractive.

EFR : How did the idea of the gorilla with choreographer Filippo Ranaldi come, linked with « The Naked Ape » of Desmond Morris ?

FG :
The Naked Ape is the main part of the thesis developed by ethnologist Desmond Morris, and is very important/central in the lyrics of Occidentali’s Karma, because Western people try to appropriate themselves Eastern culture very superficially. At the end, we are all naked apes. That’s how we had the idea of the dancing gorilla on stage.

EFR : Can you tell us few words about your first steps as a professional musician as a member of Trikobalto ?

FG :
Trikobalto was my first ever experience in the music industry, where I learnt all its aspects. That comforted me in the fact that I wanted to do music as a job.

EFR : At last, if you had participated in a talent show in Italy, which one would you have chosen ?

FG :
I was lucky enough to make my steps into music with my own compositions, without going into a TV talent show. But if I had chosen a talent show, it would have been X Factor because it’s a big TV show, with lots of technical aims and many people watching it.

We would like to thank Eddy Anselmi and Nabir Kaidoo from RAI Press Office for their precious help in the holding of this interview in Amsterdam; and also to Roberto Parigo for the Italian translations of this interview.

Italy has to vote and to perform during the 1st semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday, May 9th, where Belgium will compete with "City Lights" sung by Blanche.
This heat, where France won’t vote, will be broadcast live on France 4 and commentated from Kiev by Marianne James and Jarry.

We finish this article with Francesco’s live performance at the 2017 San Remo Festival with "Occidentali's Karma"

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