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Interview : ROMANIA 2017 - Five minutes with Ilinca
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Beware! You are about to read the interview of a Romanian favourite. And she’s also super funny and down-to-earth. You’re going to love her!

Make room for Ilinca!
En français, c'est par ici !

Hello Ilinca! Can you first of all introduce yourself?

My most important feature is music, as it is part of me. I love art in general, of any kind. I love making people laugh and I am a very smiley and optimistic person. I am 18 and currently in my last year of high-school, preparing for college and for my life as a responsible adult (who am I kidding? I am nowhere near responsible... or adult). One of my main goals is to become an internationally acknowledged artist and a model for other young, passionate women like me.

Why choosing to enter with a yodel song? And how do you feel about Eurovision?

The composer of Yodel it contacted me on Facebook, saying that he had been working on a yodel song. As I was the only yodeler he knew, he invited me into his studio to try it out and I loved it from the first time. We recorded it and asked for a few opinions, and we were given the idea of signing it up for the Eurovision auditions. At that point, the song sounded incomplete, so Mihai Alexandru (the composer) created a new part and invited Alex to try it out. We all loved the combination that resulted from adding Alex's rock-ish style onto our pop-yodel song, and that was it!

I've been watching Eurovision for 12 years now and every year we are given the opportunity of listening to masterpieces written by composers from all around the world, of watching inspiring moments and mini-shows, staged by amazing artists. I personally love Eurovision for the diversity it promotes. Watching the Eurovision Song Contest is like traveling around the world, discovering people and cultures of all kinds, it is an adventure. I've always wanted to know how Eurovision might feel like if I was there. I've dreamt of representing my country since I was a 9 and I watched Luminita Anghel and Sistem take Romania to the third place in the Eurovision final.

I think Selectia Nationala has its ups and downs. In the end it creates a balance between the well-founded opinions of the jury and the public's choice and that's a good thing. However, this year the jury will not have a word in the final selection.
Last year's disqualification was an unfortunate event that happened at a really bad time, as we had chosen a great song as our entry. Our come-back has to be memorable, for the people to realize that not having Romania among the other countries in the Eurovision Song Contest is a loss. Personally, I loved Luminita Anghel with Sistem in 2005, Paula and Ovi in 2010 and of course Mihai with Tornero in 2006.

What are your musical influences?

I listen to everything and anything. I believe that genre is not important as long as a song makes you feel something. My favourite Romanian artists are Loredana Groza and Tudor Chirila, and my favourite foreign artists are Jessie J, Michael Jackson, Lara Fabian, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande... (I'll stop now :)))

As for the music industry in Romania, I am rather new to it but what I've realized by now is that it takes a lot of work to get to the top as there are so many talented young artists who are waiting to be discovered. You have to be special, bring something new to the table or else you won't be noticed.

Any links with France? A point of view to share?

Yes I do have links with France. One of them would be THE LOVE I HAVE FOR THAT COUNTRY. Now, for real, I love the language, I love the music, I love the food (I'm crazy about Camembert cheese... I'm drooling right now). I am obsessed with Lara Fabian and most of all with her interpretation of the song Je suis malade, I love Bella by Maître Gims. Also, Auchan is my favourite market. Best. Ever.

I love the world, but there are indeed many wrong things about it. I think people should be more accepting of others. I also believe that the first thing they teach in school should be how to be kind. I think that the urge to rule and the lust for power destroy people. I am not easily-infuriated but I hate jealousy. Animals, cute babies, nice people and good music make me smile :)

To conclude, be kind to one another, make art, love yourselves and.... YODEL IT!

Ilinca, thank you so much for this interview! Best. Ever. We love you! With her colleague Alex Florea, she will try to reach the finals of Selectia Nationala this Sunday!
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