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Interview : DENMARK 2017 - Five minutes with Calling Mercury
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The Danish national selection is almost entirely made of newcomers, some being really new in the music industry. Just like those we got you for today!

Meet Calling Mercury!
Par ici pour le français !

Hello guys! Can you tell us about your group?

We met each other in music class in college, and started making music together in the summer of 2010. In the beginning, we made electronic beats and vocals using only a laptop. Since then we have worked with music together and separately, performing in front of small local crowds, with 200 people. We have always aspired to make a catchy pop melody with a nice hook, even though our sound was experimental.

Our goal is to make one big hit-banger and then live happily ever after, but then again that would be too easy... well, we don't actually know our goals with music. We are just taking it one day at a time and hope to get some great experiences on the way, and hopefully some great response from fans.

Can you tell us about Big Little Lies, your song for the Contest? And what do you think of Eurovision?

We have always made heavy electronic music but this song is more acoustic sounding, while still having a melancholic feel to it that we admire a lot. When we heard the song we could identity with it right away because it's about love and all of the tragic flaws that comes with it. It's down to earth in the same way that we are as people. We see the song as an emotional state where you feel you have let your loved ones down, by lying and regretting it in the end. There is also a hope for forgiveness. The musical style is minimalistic and low-key, so maybe not the usual style you would hear in the song contest.

It's amazing how so many countries come together and celebrate music – It's really cool to experience every nationality's music preferences. We feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take part in the Danish national selection for Eurovision 2017, because it’s a great opportunity and experience for us, it can’t be compared to anything else we have ever done.
It can be very hard to predict what kind of music is going to become a hit. Music brings out emotions in people, and what some people like, others might not. This year, a jury of hardcore Eurovision fans will vote for their favorite song in order to help choose the right song for Eurovision.

Joel likes the Danish entry from Brødrene Olsen when they won with their amazing song Fly on the wings of love back in 2000. Once you hear this song, it's impossible to get it out of your head. Jeppe likes Rollo and King’s act Never ever let you go from 2001 because it was good to see how such a cosy kind of living-room-pop could get on the second place that year. But the song was better in Danish when it was called Der står et billede af dig på mit bord which means “There is a picture of you on my table”

What kind of music do you listen to?

We listen to many different musical genres and artists. We are both big fans of The Weeknd right now and we love electronic music in general. It's admirable how the Danish artist MØ is blowing up in the whole world right now, she's made some great songs. We also like Karl William, a Danish artist that makes nice electronic r'n'b music. We are not very familiar with industry since we are just beginning to explore the scene.

Do you have any links with France? Something else to say?

Joel has visited France many times during summer vacations in places like Paris and Nice. Jeppe was celebrating his dad's fiftieth birthday by going to the top of the Tour Eiffel. We love the French artist Sebastien Tellier who performed Divine at Eurovision 2008. It was a fun, funky and very different performance. He had a very cool style and he introduced women with beards. And the electronic samples are amazing.

The thing we think is wrong with the world is people who use too much time to complain and lynch others, especially on social media. Spread the love and take a walk in the woods.

Joel, Jeppe, Calling Mercury, thank you so much for that interview! They’ll be part of the DMGP this Saturday, the Danish national selection for Eurovision 2017.
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