Interview : FINLAND 2017 - Five minutes with Krista Siegfrids
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To conclude our Swedish Melodifestivalen’s SF3 interviews, we’ve got a huge surprise for you. A very huge one. And I’ve got the surprise on the phone! (gaaaaaaah)

Today, let’s get familiar again with Krista Siegfrids!
Et en français, c'est par ici !

Hey Krista! We obviously all know you, but what have you been up to since 2013?

I represented Finland in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, I’ve developed a great career, I’m doing a lot of gigs and have also been presented the Finnish UMK. I signed a record deal here in Sweden, in order to release Swedish pop music. And now I’m back to Melodifestivalen! It’s nice to see something else, to get out of the small Finland. It’s a whole other business here! Lots of new challenges. It has to be exciting anyway! More is more, you know.

Your song is called Snurra mitt jord. What it is about?

It’s about the everyday life struggle, how to make everything work. It’s dedicated to my boyfriend, haha! I sometimes struggle between my career and my relationship. It’s a very personal song. It’s super uptempo but the lyrics are melancholic. It’s not really similar to Faller, there’s a different beat. It’s more modern. And I’m focused on launching my career here, which is why it is in Swedish.

What does it mean, to you, to be part of Melodifestivalen for the second year in a row?

It’s hard for me! I’m Finnish, people don’t know me that well. This year, I really want to make it to the finals, and I feel like I can! I really hope to get some support. I was very close last year, I just need that little push! Coming back to Eurovision would be amazing! I’m trying for Sweden now, I probably won’t be part of UMK anymore, but never say never! Everybody knows that I love Eurovision. 2013 was an amazing experience, with my team Ding Dong. Making it to the finals was the best moment ever, we got to do a fantastic statement… I was super nervous but it was amazing.

I love the Melodifestivalen too! There’s a lot of people watching. It is huge, it is a very great place for a new artist, an opportunity to build yourself a career. I’m trying to keep the pressure away, all I want is to enjoy the moment and have fun. I’m going to do the best I can, and put together a great show!
I’ve got so many past favourites entries! Lordi’s win, of course, because it is still the only Finnish win, and it was different and made an impact. Carola, also, in 1991, I was just a little girl but I loved it.

What does Krista listen to?

Pop music. A lot of it. My favourite artists include Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. They’re strong women, and very inspiring to me. In Sweden? Tove Lo! But there is a lot of fantastic music out here!

The music industry is also much better in Sweden, and there are more international acts! In Finland, it’s all about the Finnish language and the Finnish music. It’s not as rich, and unfortunately very closed. It bores me, because everybody does the same!

And finally, what would you say on the current state of our world?

There are sad, dark vibes coming for the USA, not to name anyone. I think President Trump’s election is a huge mistake, but well. A lot of things seem to be going in the wrong direction. We need to spread more good vibes, today more than ever! Thank you!

Krista, thank you so much for that interview, you Eurovision-icon! She’ll be trying to advance to the next round of Melodifestivalen this Saturday, in a very tough SF3, with her song Snurra mitt jord!
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