Interview : SLOVENIA 2017 - Five minutes with Tosca Beat
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The Slovenian EMA starts tonight! And we’ve got one last act belonging to SF1 to introduce to you. And they’re very special.

Meet Tosca Beat!
La version française, c'est par ici !

Hello! Can you tell us about your project?

Tosca Beat is a music group, which combines the opera world with modern urban production. We want to go out of the traditional classical jukebox to show our audience how flexible opera can be.
We are three classically trained opera singers, Eva, Urška & Zala, who finished their studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are really good friends and open-minded, which is why we decided to make something new on the music scene. We love to make our own music with blending different genres. Performing live is also of great importance to us - with our members Žan on cello, Luka on violin and Kristina on the piano, we want to present a contemporary and unique happening on stage that is extraordinary for classical music.

Why trying to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest?

We want to show our listeners that the purpose of music is not only to be beautiful and hip, but that it also can carry a message. Our song’s name is Free World and it’s a warning to look at what is going on around us.
We are Eurovision fans since our childhood. :) When we were little, the Eurovision Song Contest was reserved as a family evening. We carefully listened to all the songs and then everyone had his own favourite. And maybe our secret wish, to be a part of this big European show, started then. :)
We enjoyed the songs of the group Sestre Samo ljubezen and Tanja Ribič’s Zbudi se.

What are your musical influences?

Ufff... We listen to almost everything. From hip-hop, r’n’b, electronic music to jazz and of course classical music. We like to discover new beats and fresh music.

We are really new in the music industry. In Slovenia, there are only two million people, but there are a lot of good musicians, so it’s difficult to make a breakthrough. Our goal is to make quality music that we can be proud of and we are sure that eventually our hard work will also become apparent to the audience.

Any thoughts on our current world?

We really don’t like that so many things separate us, we think that the power of humanity is to be united. Only together we can make a difference. We have the freedom to speak up! Sometimes we think we are too “smart” and that can cause really bad decisions for our joint future :(

We have the best time when we are together, when we are making new songs, it's always fun! Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram and you will see what new things we are preparing for you! Kisses, your T<3

Eva, Urška & Zala, thank you very much for this interview! With their song Free World, the group will fight tonight, for a spot in the final next Saturday!
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