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Interview : SLOVENIA 2017 - Five minutes with Omar Naber
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In Slovenia, the 2017 EMA includes a lot of come-backs. After previous EMA editions, but also after Eurovision itself!

And today, we've got Omar Naber for you!
Et la version française, c'est par ici !

Hey Omar! Obviously, Eurovision fans know you already, but what have you been up to since 2005?

I have been a professional musician for 12 years now. I have recorded and published 5 albums, 3 in Slovenia, one in Serbia and one in Great Britain. I have performed in 27 countries all together so far. I am not only a singer, I also write, music and lyrics, I play the guitar, accoustic, electric & the bass and piano. I'm doing voiceovers for cartoons here in Slovenia and recording & producing music for myself and others. I do many more things, connected to the show-business.I am very passionate and enthusiastic about music and life and I have only yet begun :)

What is your song about? And why trying to come back to the Contest?

The song is about disappointment in our lives, everybody is disappointed at some stage in life, realizing certain things that did not go the way we wanted. But we shall never lose hope,

there is a light in front of us, guiding us to better times no matter how dark the path might seem.
I think Eurovision is the biggest music festival in the World and should get more credit around the planet as I feel sometimes it is a bit underestimated. I want to be a part of itimply because it's the biggest festival in the world and it would be an honor to step on that stage once more. I want to get another shot, as I am a grown up now and would take it with much bigger responsibility as I did back then, I was just a kid. I want to show what Slovenia can do. I always think I can do better everytime, I am very self critical. I liked I Still Carry On' the most. So far :) This time, I will be on the stage alone.

From the past Slovenian entries, I liked Maja Keuc and 1X Band the most. So far :)))

What are your musical influences?

I mostly listen and identify with rock music. Lately I'm into classical music as well.
My favourite Slovenian artist would be a band called Siddharta. My role models are numerous; in my childhood it was Michael Jackson, later came Queen, The Beatles, Nirvana, Green Day and so on.

Slovenia is small, so it's a small market, especially when we are covered with American and English music. You can no longer sell albums because of the internet and so on. Many things changed in the last few years. Mostly the internet brought many, many changes. If I am honest, it does not work as well as it should in Slovenia. But I am not a man of complaint, I look forward to make new ways to continue to make a living by being a musician.

According to you, what is wrong in the world nowadays? And on the contrary, what makes you smile?

I mostly dislike that the world in general is about money now. It's all business these days and I don't like it. Greed and money ruined many things, caused wars, destroyed cities, killed people. I do believe the world can change to a better fortune while we are still here. And I hope I can add at least just a little bit to make it better. I am doing all I can to help it become a better place for all of us.
Succeeding would make me smile :)

Omar, thanks a lot for that opportunity to interview you! He will sing his song On My Way this Friday, tomorrow actually, while taking part to EMA 2017's first semi-final!
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