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Interview : POLAND 2017 - Five minutes with Agata Nizinska
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In spite of the very short window left by the Polish broadcaster who only revealed the name of its 10 finalists last Saturday, we wanted you to have some Polish interviews. And luckily, artists have been quick!

The first one you get to meet is Agata Nizinska!
En français, c'est par ici!

Hello Agata! Can you first of all introduce yourself?

In my bio you will find: singer, songwriter, actress and TV personality, widely acclaimed for her vibrant roles in Polsat and TVP productions.
In my TV activities I had the prime time of morning TV on TVP 2 with my cultural program - Agata’s View. In my program I was trying to take an inside look into culture aspects and present them to the audience from the perspective of the artists themselves . What they were working on currently, how their work process looks, and how it was behind the scenes. I introduced that for viewers and tried to focus on interesting personas of the music, film, theater and comedy world.
I am a graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, where I attended the Actor Studio’s courses led by Anna Strasberg and finished a study based on Stanislavski’s method. I am known to divide time between the world of theatre and music and I seem to find myself at home in both.
Lately, I was working on a project called „Madame Spades” with my band. Alongside excellent musicians, accompanied by seductive performances, Madame Spades introduces to the classics of jazz, soul and blues music in a completely new interpretation. The single that promotes Madame Spades is the cover of the legendary With A Little Help from My Friends by the Beatles.
But right now, I am working on my own album. It is a very exciting job. And the first single is Reason.

What’s the story of your song Reason? Was it meant for the Contest?

It is a beautiful song, did you listen to it? This is my first single from the album I am working on. It was written by very talented guys: the Polish musician and producer Marcin Kindla in cooperation with two well-known artists - Americans Allan Rich and Judd Friedman. It is a huge honor for me that my song was written by men who among other things wrote the hit Run to You for Whitney Houston!

At the beginning, Eurovision was not my goal. As I said, this is a song for my album, but when we recorded it, we saw that the Polish competition for Eurovision started, and we decided to give ourselves a chance and check if the song will be accepted by the public. We will see what happens ;)
Unfortunately, I have not had the occasion to watch the Eurovision Song Contest that often, but I know a couple of songs that existed. I think that the competition, from year to year, is gaining popularity, and gives a chance for many artists to exist for a wider audience. This year, I will definitely watch (laughs)

What are your musical influences?

My taste in music is shaped by such artists as: Aretha Franklin, Bobby Brown. I do not like the modern disco music. Real instruments are very important to me, so I guess I'm not modern but it is true. In Poland, I love Maciej Maleńczuk.

Last question! Would you like to share some thoughts?

A lot of things are wrong with the world at the moment, but it is no time to talk about it now, because those matters are too serious. Only human stupidity and short-sightedness annoy me.
A good sense of humor and enjoying the small, everyday things cheers me up.

Wish me luck, guys :)

Agata, thank you so much for your swiftness for this interview! With her song Reason, she’ll be one of the 10 Polish hopefuls to fight for the ticket to Kiev this Saturday!
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