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Interview : SWEDEN 2017 - Five minutes with Bella & Filippa
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We're almost halfway through the 2017 edition of Melodifestivalen! The third semi-final is waiting for us this Saturday, and we've got a few interviews for you!

We start with Bella & Filippa, who are newcomers!
La version française est ici !

Hello! Can you tell us who you are?

Woah, where should we start… We are 16 and 17 years old. We have been bestfriends since 2004, when we met in a playground. Our families became good friends pretty quick and started hanging out together. Then both our parents got divorced, and in 2011 Bella's mom and Filippa’s dad started dating. (As you may notice we tried to summarize this long story). So today, they are married and we live together! We are 7 children at our house and Filippa is the oldest of us. Imagine living with your best friend, it was a dream come true!

However, we do EVERYTHING together: we go to the same school, work out together, hang out with common friends, eat dinner together, work together in the studio and so on… We both are extrovert and love to meet new people. We dream about being able to have music as a full-time job and being able to spread it as far as we can imagine! Travel to new places and meet new people all over the world.

Tell us about your song! Are you ready for the big night?

The story behind Crucified is that we, as every time we write, sat in the studio together with our little dream team just laughing, drinking tea, joking and putting our feelings into words and tunes. The song is about that feeling when you fall for someone so hard that you can't tear yourself away, you can't stop looking at that person, can't stop thinking about them. It's about that feeling that you can't really put down in words.
Since we've only released one other song, Missing Rose, we sure can tell you that Crucified is a lot more uptempo and has a lot of positive energy, we just can’t stop smiling when we sing it!

We both have always loved Melodifestivalen, so it is such a pleasure to be a part of this! We are just so thankful for being able to get this big chance to spread our music. Sweden has always done well at Eurovision, so there is probably a little bit of pressure, but we think that that pressure mainly comes from the Swedes actually… ;)
One of our strongest memories from Eurovision is when Loreen won, representing Sweden, in 2012. We both LOVE that song and the whole performance!

Girls! What kind of music do you listen to? Does it inspire your work?

Well, we listen to a lot of different kinds of music…(a lot depends on which mood we’re in) But mainly we both listen to acoustic songs, chill hits, which fits for almost every situation.
Bella’s favorite Swedish artist is Oskar Linnros and Filippa’s is Veronica Maggio. Otherwise we both love Ed Sheehan, Tori Kelly and Allen Stone!

The music industry here, is probably kind of the same as in USA, but smaller, since we are a smaller country. But we write music in our studio where we have a contract. Then we decide what to release and forward that to the bigger company Warner who we are also signed with, and they spread it!

What annoys you in our world? And what comforts you?

The big lack of respect and acceptance between people. Instead of seeing the beauty in everyone's differences, we shut them out and starts conflicts about it, when we just have to realize that the differences in people is what makes the world interesting and beautiful.
Nothing is better than the love and feeling of community in our family, it always cheers us up. But music also has the power to make us feel better and smile.

We just want to add that we are so incredibly thankful for being able to be a part of this journey, and we hope that we can spread our joy to as many people as possible!
Thank you so much! Love, Bella&Filippa

Bella, Filippa, thank you so much for this great interview and for letting us getting to know you better. We'll see you this Saturday, at the spot number 06, performing your song Crucified!
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