AUSTRALIA 2019 : Exclusive Interview with Leea Nanos
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Our website pursues its trip in Australia with the upcoming Eurovision national final this Saturday.

Today, in our 2nd interview, we have a chat with the youngest participant of Australia Decides 2019 : Leea Nanos, selected as a Wildcard by SBS Australia & Blink TV.

Pour lire son entretien en Français : cliquez ici...

Biography of Leea Nanos

Leea Nanos is a young 16-years-old songwriter/singer.
In 2016, she auditioned for the 8th season of X Factor Australia (won by Isaiah Firebrace, the Australian representative at Eurovision 2017).
In the past, she sung with Olivia Newton-John (United Kingdom 1974).
She has released several songs, including “Unstoppable”.
Her entry for Tel Aviv, “Set Me Free”, is written and composed by Leea and Frank Dixon.

Exclusive Interview with Leea Nanos : Hi Leea! What is your motivation about taking part at Eurovision : Australia Decides 2019?

Leea Nanos :
My motivation for taking part in Eurovision Australia Decides 2019 is my drive to reach my dream of becoming an international artist. I always like to go for opportunities and I never give up.

I have also seen so many incredible artists that I look up to at Eurovision like Isaiah Firebrace and Kristan Kostov who are young and following their dreams.
I have watched Eurovision ever since I was little and my grandparents have been watching for many many years and have seen ABBA and Olivia Newton John.

Overall my motivation was because I love Eurovision and seeing young people around my age doing it, I knew I had to give it my best shot.

EFR : How important is British pop-soul (Emeli Sandé, Sam Smith, Adele) in the way you create music?

LN :
British pop soul is very important to me in the way I create music, Emeli Sande, Sam Smith and Adele are massive influencers for my music. They all have so much depth and emotion in their music.

These three artists have a huge impact on me with their songs, which is what I want to do with my music. They are authentic artists and you can't compare them to anyone else.

EFR : You have performed for Olivia Newton John who has represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Did she give you pieces of advice about your career?

LN :
When I performed for Olivia Newton John, I clearly remember her saying to me, WOW a voice like that at 15! Incredible. When she said those words, I knew at that point it didn't matter about my age but to just connect with the music.

Olivia also mentioned to me, to keep going and don't get discouraged. Her advice helped me greatly when I got knock-backs, but remembering what she said and the struggles she has faced, I will never give up.

EFR : What have you learnt the most from David Jaanz Singing School where you have studied?

LN :
What I have learned the most at David Jaanz Singing School is to be unique and authentic always. When I learned to relax and I was my authentic self, many doors began to open. I have developed over the years and gain much knowledge within my singing.

EFR : How would you describe the sound and the message behind your contribution for the Australian selections?

LN :
I would describe the sound of my song as new, fresh and encouraging. I hope when I perform it people feel empowered and encouraged to follow their dreams. It is upbeat yet deep and emotional , which I always want in my music.

The message behind "Set Me Free" when I wrote it at 15 was originally about a guy that I liked but over time it changed to mean so much more. It is about letting yourself go from negative people , those that hold you back and don't support you with your endeavours. It is about believing in yourself and empowering others.

EFR : The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest motto will be "Dare To Dream". Today, as an artist, what is your biggest dream?

LN :
My biggest dream is to be able to wake up everyday and do what I love. I love music and that is what I'm meant to do in my life. I want to touch others with my music, make people feel something, be an influencer and encourage others to follow their dream.

"Dare to Dream", the motto of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, is me in 3 words, I'm a dreamer, I have had so many people tell me I'm not good enough or ask me if I have a backup plan, but this is my plan - to follow my dream, until it becomes a reality.

Our website would like to thank Katrina Nanos for her precious help in conducting this interview and to Leea Nanos for her availability.

You can connect with Leea Nanos on her official YouTube channel and her official social networks : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Eurovision : Australia Decides 2019 will occur this Saturday February 9th at 10:30 CET, broadcast on SBS Australia and hosted by Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey (Australian commentators for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2017) LIVE from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the 1st ever Eurovision Asia Song Contest will take place on Saturday, December 7th 2019

Australia will be allocated at the 2nd half of the 1st semi-final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday, May 14th at the Expo Tel Aviv, Israel, where France, which will be represented by Bilal Hassani with "Roi", will vote and perform.
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